Your fingers reveal a lot about your personality. Which fingers do you have?


Your fingers can tell a lot about your personality. When you evaluate yourself here, you will come to very surprising results.


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Your fingers are your personality


Fingers of this research has some surprising implications for your personality!

The research is ongoing and many go unnoticed, but sometimes we come across a few findings that are too interesting to share. Uncovering new facts can be fun, even if it sometimes reveals things you wish you didn’t know. There is also the problem that it is not always clear whether the results are correct.


Fortunately, the facts we have for you today are kind of funny! Because it turns out that your hand can reveal a lot about your personality. It’s really weird, but in the next section you can find out what your fingers say about your personality!

The secret lies in the ring finger and index finger because according to research they can actually say a lot about what kind of person you are. However, this test is only for men because the length of these fingers indicates testosterone levels in men. There are three types: A, B and C.


A. The ring finger is longer than the index finger

We are talking about handsome men here. They are attractive and get along well with everyone. However, they are also somewhat aggressive and quick to take risks. This also means that this man usually earns more money than his peers with shorter ring fingers.

B. The ring finger is shorter than the index finger

Men with these hands are very confident and can even be a bit narcissistic. These people do not often bother to be alone and do not like to be disturbed. However, when it comes to love, they are less self-confident as they tend not to take the first step and take the initiative.

C. Ring finger and index finger are the same length

Maybe that’s enough… Men with these hands are good negotiators, very loyal and loving. Everything is in balance with this man. They are calm and everything seems to be going well, as if everything is in order.

What do you think? Do you know yourself or anyone else in any of these categories?

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What do your fingers say about your personality?
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