Best Cuisine and Recipes Found in the World

World Cuisine

What is World Cuisine and its riches

The name and description of World cuisine is confused with the concept of Local Cuisine.

Cooking doesn’t have to be complicated: with the basics, you can prepare quick and delicious simple recipes for every day. Several fresh ingredients can be combined in no time. Simple recipes already assume that only a few ingredients need to be processed, because the more different foods are hidden in the recipe, the longer you’ll be occupied with the different hard work steps. Not only that, but mountains of pots that need to be washed with many ingredients are growing fast.

Have little time and still want a delicious meal? Then cook our quick recipes. Here you will find meat or fish dishes for vegetarians and vegans and many seasonal recipe ideas that can be prepared in no time.

You know how to fry a scrambled egg, make noodles, and have already learned some other basic cooking knowledge. “Creating” your own meals or finding great recipes is sometimes not that easy, but it certainly isn’t impossible. To do this, you need inspiration.


Dünya Mutfağı

Now you are ready to take the next step and create real flavors. I’ll show you where you can find inspiration and how some well-known dishes work particularly well.

Surely you know various cooking programs and have tried to cook one of the dishes yourself. Well-known TV chefs often come up with the corresponding recipes in addition to the program on the Internet. This makes it particularly easy for you.

Also, some star chefs like Jamie Oliver have a YouTube presence where they cook delicious meals. You can also browse something here and maybe try one or the other recipe yourself later.

By the way: in some demonstrations you will not only find positive incentives, but also clear instructions on how not to do it. This includes, for example, the show “Kitchen Nightmares”, in which Gordon Ramsay tries to save restaurants from bankruptcy – often problems are caused by bad food, among other things.

Fast Food
Fast Food

World Cuisine Separation

Local Cuisine Defines and implements local, locally diversified cooking and flavor presentation methods in every region of Turkey. However, this definition is not sufficient to describe the cuisine of the world.

Popularity of the World Cuisine

Country cuisines, which are popular and can be consumed, come to mind when considering world cuisine. This concept may vary from country to country, within the understanding of taste and culture.

Popular Countries in the World Cuisine

Chinese dishes, Italian Pizza and dishes, German dishes and cuisines can be given as examples of world cuisine as dishes and flavors that are popular and consumed by different nations all over the world.
We, as Culinary dishes, wanted to share these Cuisines that are simple and that we have tasted and liked by visiting countries in terms of taste. At the same time, of course, you need to eat healthy.

Kitchen Food Team


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Best Cuisine and Recipes Found in the World
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Best Cuisine and Recipes Found in the World