What is a Cosmopolitan cocktail

With its sweet color, the cocktail was already booming in the 90s. It originally arose simultaneously in New York and San Francisco, two cosmopolitan cities, probably full of trends and new trends. That’s why the name remained the Cosmopolitan cocktail.


So how do you remember the COSMOPOLITAN cocktail?

Many will have seen him more than once, especially not with the TV series “Sex and the City”, but with his well-known silhouette in the glass.


4.5 cl citrus vodka – Absolut Citron
1.5cl Cointreau
1 cl lemon juice
3 cl cranberry nectar

Preparation of:

Put all the ingredients in the shaker, fill with ice cubes and shake vigorously for 15 seconds (approximately 15 times). Strain the cocktail into a cocktail glass—a mug—that is, through two sieves twice. If you wish, garnish the rim of the glass with lemon zest.

Where does the name cocktail come from?
There are at least five versions, each trying to prove that they are the origin of the term cocktail. All five variants could be possible. Unfortunately, the real origin of the word can no longer be traced today.

1. The rooster tail
Cock means cock and tail means cock. So cocktail means rooster’s tail. One story tells that the drink used to be garnished with a rooster’s tail feather.

2. The egg cup
Frenchman Antoine Peychaud created various mixed drinks while in New Orleans and served them in egg cups. Egg cups are called coquetier in French. This is where the Americanized name cocktail came from.

3. The ceramic tap
Another beautiful story is that of a large, hollow ceramic faucet that stood in a bar in the United States. Leftover drinks were poured into the tap by the bartenders. This resulted in a very high percentage mixture. It was offered at a special price and tapped from the rooster’s tail. That means you drank a mix of various alcoholic beverages from the cock’s tail, the cocktail.

In the film “Gangs of New York” with Leonardo di Caprio you can see a barrel of leftovers standing on the bar in the pub in the opening scene. However, not in the form of a rooster.

4. The cockfight
Another possibility could be that the cocktail owes its name to cockfighting. There is a story that says that the owner of the winning rooster was allowed to pluck the tail feathers from the slain rooster and then douse this trophy with a drink on the cock’s tail.

5. The colors of the drink
There are also cocktails that are not mixed but layered. This is possible due to the different densities of the liqueurs. If you carefully pour in the different colored liqueurs one after the other, you will layer different colored drinks on top of each other. Viewed from the side, the glass resembles a colorful rooster’s tail.

All the stories, all the rumours, all the lore could be true. They all seem logical. There are probably almost 40 other stories as to where the cocktail got its name from. We will probably never know the ultimate truth.


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