CAKE POPS – For fun surprise birthdays

The original idea for cake pops came from Bakerella, but similar pastries are also known as rum balls or shrapnel. The principle is always the same, ready-made cake (usually made from dough) is kneaded with cream, jam or chocolate. So the ideal use of leftovers 😉 This creates a soft, compact, juicy mass. Ideal for coating with chocolate.

CAKE POPS Fun surprise at birthday parties
CAKE POPS Fun surprise at birthday parties

Cake pops are great fun snacks

The cake pop mass does not have to be round, it can also be modeled quite well. This is how cakes with funny motifs are made. The mass is also ideal for modeling details in 3D cakes.

Necessary materials:

160 g butter (at room temperature)
130 g powdered sugar
1 pinch of salt
1 pinch lemon zest (grated)
3 eggs (size M)
160 grams of flour
0.5 pack of baking powder
1 pinch of oil (for the mold)

Materials needed for the figure

400 g powdered sugar
2 tablespoons of water (warm)
1 pack of food coloring (pink)
1 packet of icing sugar or coconut
2 egg whites

Making Cake Pops:

For the cake batter, first mix the butter, sugar, lemon zest and salt in a bowl with a mixer. Stir the eggs slowly. Mix the flour with the baking powder and sift it over, then add it to the mixture with a whisk.

Brush a cupcake popper thinly with oil and heat according to directions. Now the dough is filled into the piping bag and each cavity of the cake popping machine is filled with it. Bake for about 8 minutes, remove the cakes and let cool on baking paper.

Naturally, the process must be repeated until all the dough is gone. Put the finished cakes on greaseproof paper and leave to cool.

Put the stems in styrofoam or cardboard.

For the cream, powdered sugar is sifted very finely (at least 2x) and then mixed with egg white and water to obtain a smooth cream. Separate some of the frosting. Mix the other portion with the pink food coloring.

For brown cake pops, melt the chocolate or cake cream according to package directions.

Immerse the stems about 1 cm in the white lacquer as well as the corresponding pink and brown. Then the balls are placed on the half of the stems.

Now the cakes are dipped in the corresponding color (white, pink, brown) and placed on polystyrene and optionally sprinkled or sprinkled with coconut flakes etc. decorated with. Then immediately put in the freezer for about 10 minutes.

Brown cakes are also decorated with a white hood. After cooling, it is dipped in white chocolate again, sprinkled and put back in the freezer.

Our recommendations:

If you want the cake to be colorful, you can color the white chocolate with fat-soluble food coloring or use melted sugar. The latter consists of a kind of oily glaze, mostly vanilla flavored. They come in different colors, but you can usually only buy them from specialty bakeries or online stores.

It looks especially beautiful when you put the cakes on lollipop sticks. Alternatively, you can use, for example, shashik skewers or make the cakes as stickless cake balls. However, the bar makes it easy to coat with chocolate.

I want to introduce you to my basic recipe for cake pops. The recipe serves as a general rule of thumb, depending on the type of cake and the flavor desired, the ingredients may need some adjustment. In the first variant, jam is used, which is quick and has a pleasant, slightly fruity taste. Butter serves to harden it, jam gives it flavor and makes the base mass malleable. In the second variant, buttercream or ganache is used, it is especially suitable for modeling, as it is beautiful and sturdy.

If possible, use a tall, narrow bowl to melt the chocolate. If possible, it should be closed to store the chocolate scraps. Because the cakes are dipped in liquid chocolate, you’ll need to melt more chocolate than is needed for the actual coating.


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CAKE POPS Fun surprise at birthday parties
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