Tips & Tricks – Use these 9 tricks to Save Money

Use these 9 tricks to Save Money

Tips & Tricks – Use these 9 tricks to Save Money

Tips & Tricks – Need to Save Money? More money than the moonshine? Does Money Saver work for you too? But where did the money go and what can you improve so you don’t have a big hole in your wallet? We have collected for you 9 simple tricks with which you can easily save money in daily life.

Use these 9 tricks to Save Money
Use these 9 tricks to Save Money

Money Saving methods

There are many ways to save money. The most important of these is that we unconsciously lose more than money for housework, personal care and socialization. We do this without realizing it. We can save a lot of money when we act smart from these transactions.

How we can save money

1.Pay cash

Debit card withdrawals are more likely these days – this is usually easier and faster than shuffling bills and minor changes.

But because it’s so easy, you can quickly lose track of it. Instead, look at what’s left of your salary at the end of the month, when you deduct all fixed costs. You can then set yourself the maximum amount you want to spend in a week or a month. In this way, you can better track your expenses.

2. Tips when shopping

Do not go shopping on an empty stomach. Because it can easily happen that you starve to buy more than you really need. It also helps you write a shopping list and make one big purchase rather than many small ones.

You can also save money if you shop at discount stores and opt for cheaper private label items. Large packages are usually cheaper than small packages. You can often freeze leftovers.

3. Keep a home diary

This method is definitely time consuming. But a home diary can help you understand your spending review. Write down your expenses for each month. This ranges from rent, electricity, water, gas, insurance and contracts, fitness, GEZ, Internet, fuel to groceries.

This includes any other non-fixed expenses such as bars, taxis, restaurants, clothing, gifts or travel. With everything together, you can see at a glance where you spend the most money.

4. Less for beautician and hairdresser

Coloring, cutting tips, manicure: this can sometimes lead to a hole in your wallet. You can save this money by dyeing your hair yourself. Eyebrow plucking and manicure are also easy to do at home instead of at the beautician.

5. Car pool instead of train

Whether working or away: car sharing saves gas and money. For example, you and your colleagues can go to work together and take turns once a week. It’s also easy to find vehicles on the Internet that are often cheaper than using public transport and driving your own car.

An added bonus: If you share the ride in the car with someone, you’re helping the environment.

6. Save on vacation

Want to go on vacation but worry it will be too expensive? So keep your eyes peeled for early booking discounts or last-minute offers. To save money, you can now compare flight and hotel offers and prices on many internet portals.

7. Save electricity

The standby mode of many devices consumes very little power. So unplug your laptop or mobile phone. Or get multiple sockets with an on/off switch.

8. Restriction on weekends

Bars, clubs, restaurants – you quickly lose a lot of money in a weekend. It’s easiest to set a limit on how much you’re willing to spend on yourself in the first place. Taking the train is better than taking a taxi because it is more expensive. For example, you can pay attention to the cheaper happy hour at the clubs.

9. Become more conscious in the kitchen

Did you find out through home accounting that you spend a lot of money on eating out or snacks? Here you can automatically save money by cooking yourself. Do you have leftovers from your dinner, such as noodles?

Then don’t throw it away, season it with some vegetables, pesto or cheese the next day and get to work. This way, you also save on the more expensive lunch you buy during your break.

Money Saver plans

By making Money Saving plans, you can easily get serious savings by using the 9 tricks we have listed above. It has been seen that only smart people come to a very comfortable place financially by applying them. Nowadays, in every period that gets expensive, everyone suffers from serious financial difficulties and is crushed in the face of these difficulties.




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