Confident women do differently


We’re not exactly shy, nor are we shy. But a little more self-confidence never hurts. So we copied a few tricks from strong women. 10 things confident women do differently:




10 things confident women do differently

1. You don’t want to switch places with anyone and you know it

Nadine has better legs, Christina earns more, Anna dances very well, and Elena married the man who really suits you better. So what? Confident women don’t constantly compare themselves to others. They know this: In a nutshell, they would never trade their lives for someone else. This is how it is for most people. It is sufficient to remind yourself from time to time that you are generally very satisfied.

2. They don’t even try to be “everyone’s darling”.

You will be everyone’s lover. The old rule that loses nothing of its truth. If you try to please everyone, you end up just a sticker of yourself. Better to quit. People standing in their corners and on the edges are really popular.

3. you get your own space

Confident women don’t wonder if they’re where they are. They get the place they deserve. You can tell by their body language: Confident people often make movements so broad that they prefer to keep a distance of half a meter. After all, it’s their room. So what?

4. You keep your cool

Keeping your cool isn’t just a matter of body. Confident people often straighten themselves up physically, but they don’t bend over in arguments either. Even if everyone has a different opinion. Self-confidence and your own loyalty are enough.

5. They are not chameleons

People with low self-esteem are constantly exploring and adapting, while confident people are on their own. In any case, it’s their own, if others don’t like it, it’s their problem.

6. You don’t have to constantly emphasize what you can do and what you have.

Yesterday XY had a coffee with Robbie Williams. Then he went to this mega hip party. It was crazy, you looked so pretty, especially when invited by men all night… Well… This was probably due to the incredible self-confidence XY found in this yoga seminar. It says XY. What are we saying? Poor woman! Didn’t find anything. Because truly confident women don’t talk about it. They also don’t talk about how horny they are, having coffee with Robbie Williams, or looking gorgeous. They just don’t need it.

7. You don’t blame yourself for failures or flaws

Is a few pounds too much while on vacation? Didn’t have time for makeup today? Unfortunately the order did not go to us today? Who cares if it’s not us? Confident women can cope with defeats and flaws. After all, they belong to them. Then how could they be bad?

8. They don’t try to be perfect

Perfectionists have a hard time with themselves. Because humanity is not fully compatible with the claim to be perfect in itself. Confident women don’t give up and don’t always get mad at themselves. Then tonight they just laughed out loud. Then she just had silly hair. So what?

9. They are surrounded by people who empower them.

Energy vampires are weeded out by self-confident women. Because it’s worth surrounding yourself with great people. Everything is one big upward spiral where you don’t have to do much. Because when you surround yourself with positive people, it adds a lot to you. By the way, this usually happens spontaneously when you’re at peace with yourself. Because like attracts like.

10. They stand up for themselves

Every woman who stands up for herself stands up for all women. Confident women do this all the time and are not ashamed of it. They know what they are worth and what they deserve. Whether at work, in a relationship, or on the bakery counter. Those who mistreat confident women face their inner lioness. And he has talent. ROOOAAAAAR!


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What do women with high self-confidence do differently?
Article Name
What do women with high self-confidence do differently?
We're not exactly shy, nor are we shy. But a little more self-confidence never hurts. So we copied a few tricks from strong women
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