Does your clean laundry still smell musty? This hille helps you!

Does your clean laundry still smell musty? You’ve finally gotten rid of the big pile of laundry you’ve been putting off, but your laundry still doesn’t smell good after washing. Of course, nobody wants that. Unfortunately, more detergent and fabric softener does not help either, so here you will learn how to solve this problem.

Does your clean laundry still smell musty? 100% successful tricks.
Does your clean laundry still smell musty? 100% successful tricks.

You’re lucky, you already have the necessary material for clean laundry at home

You wash your clothes in the washing machine. Nice thing. However, the fact that your washing machine continues to wash does not mean that it remains clean. Do you have a weird musty smell in your laundry? Then, read on quickly to find out why this happens and how you can avoid it.

dirty washing machine

This is not about the brand of detergent or the smell of your fabric softener. The musty smell of laundry almost always comes from a dirty washing machine. But before you call a professional to give your washing machine a thorough cleaning, there are a few things you can try yourself. And for that you really only need one thing.

dishwasher tablet

The first thing you should do when cleaning your washing machine is a duster. Use a dry cloth before working with a wet cloth. Remove the detergent drawer completely and clean it thoroughly with soap and water. Then rub a damp cloth over the rubber part in the mouth of the washing machine. And finally, put two dishwasher tablets (yes, really!) in the washing machine and run it at 90 degrees.

dishwasher tablet
dishwasher tablet

Washing machine Avoid trouble

Of course, we all know that such problems should be avoided in the first place. That’s why it’s best to try to clean your washing machine once a month. You should also leave the door of the washing machine ajar after each wash to avoid bad (and especially stale) odors.


Why does my clean laundry smell so musty after washing?

The nasty smell in freshly washed clean laundry is caused by bacteria. The invisible evildoers find a wonderful breeding ground in a moist, warm environment. They multiply and produce chemicals that give off a pungent, sour, musty stench. Occasionally, the clean laundry smells of urine, vomit or somehow musty and moldy.

The longer the laundry stays in the washing machine, the more the little beasts multiply and the more your things smell afterwards. If you have used too little washing powder or often select short or environmentally friendly eco washing programs, you are also offering the germs ideal conditions. Because short washing times or water and energy-saving wash cycles are too gentle to fight the intruders.

The risk of smelly smells also increases if you have left the laundry in the closed washing machine. Then the culprits feel particularly comfortable. It’s also possible that your washing machine is infested with microorganisms and mold spores, and that’s why it stinks. This happens when the flap and the detergent drawer remain closed after the wash cycle. So the inside of the machine cannot dry out, and the warm humidity is a paradise for all sorts of uninvited guests.

When does the laundry in the washing machine start to stink?

When the laundry starts to stink if you forgot it in the machine cannot be said with certainty. A few hours is usually fine, but if you leave her in for a full day, there’s a good chance of a nasty olfactory surprise. If you put the clothes in the dirty laundry when you were very sweaty or left them in the laundry basket for a long time, more bacteria may have settled in the textile fibers from the outset – then it will start to smell bad sooner.


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Does your clean laundry still smell musty?
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Does your clean laundry still smell musty?
Does your clean laundry still smell musty? 100% successful tricks. You've finally gotten rid of the big pile of laundry you've been putting off.
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