Why acne occurs and great tips to eliminate it


Tips on how to get rid of acne

Acne – Bye bye Pimples! Getting rid of acne with a few tips is not rocket science. Blackheads, acne and redness – it’s not just teenagers who suffer from imperfections and dream of flawless skin. Acnes If the dirt is stubborn and inflamed – it is called acne.

Acne can often itch and hurt and therefore needs to be treated immediately. What are the causes of skin defects? How can patients treat their acne? And you should definitely avoid annoying blackheads? We have collected for you the best tips on how to prevent blemishes and get rid of acne.


Get rid of Pimples with these tips

Get rid of Acne with these tips

Whether teen or adult – we all want flawless skin that is pollution-free. But most of us suffer from acne and pustules. Here we tell you how to get rid of acne and methods that will help you get rid of skin impurities permanently:

Vitamin and Food Supplements

It is not possible enough for us to provide all the active substances we need for a healthy skin through nutrition. For this reason, there are nutritional supplements available in pharmacies and pharmacies. For example, vitamins and minerals help reduce sebum production and thus eliminate the main cause of acne and blackheads. Omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants or zinc also help stop inflammation.

Food supplements contain soybean and coconut oil, in addition to the ingredients mentioned, as well as kombucha extract. Not only will it get rid of your acne, but your skin will have more moisture, elasticity and protection against free radicals that can cause acne again.

Get rid of acne with the right care

Get rid of acne with the right care

Clogged pores are often the cause of acne development. To get rid of pimples, you should clean your face once or twice a day with a mild pH-balanced lotion. Adequate humidity is also important. However, you should definitely use water-based moisturizing creams for care.

Oily or oily creams should be avoided as they clog pores. When it comes to makeup and sunscreen, you should also make sure to use oil-free products. In the case of acute acne, you should also avoid exfoliating as it can spread bacteria on the skin and cause further inflammation.

Reduce stress, reduce acne

A common cause of acne is stress. The hustle and bustle and sleepless nights not only stretch our nerves, but also make us feel on our faces. Redness and acne occur because our skin secretes more male hormones and adrenaline, which stimulate sebum production in stressful situations.

Another reason is our behavior in stressful situations: many people eat sweets or touch their faces more often when they’re nervous, which leads to seizures. So take occasional breaks and get enough sleep to protect your skin.

Get rid of acne with diet

You should also pay attention to your diet to avoid blackheads and acne. If you want to get rid of your acne, alcohol and sugar should be consumed sparingly or not at all, as they weaken our tissues. You should also avoid carbohydrates that break down quickly, such as cereal, or highly saturated fatty acids, such as french fries or mayonnaise.

Many people also react to milk. For this reason, it is recommended to stay away from dairy products for a certain period of time to test its effect on your skin. Substitutes such as oat milk or almond milk are generally more suitable than cow’s milk. To do anything good for your skin, your diet should be largely based on fruits and vegetables.

consuming a lot of water

Dehydrated skin is often the cause of acne breakouts. You should drink enough fluids, ideally one and a half to three liters a day, to get rid of your acne. The effect of water on our body is enormous: imperfections and clogged pores are often caused by certain toxins in the body.

When we drink enough water, these toxins are excreted from the body. The result: clean pores and radiant skin. If you’re looking for some variety, you can sweeten your water with a few drops of lemon juice or cucumber slices, or use green tea.


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How acne passes and why it occurs, related tips
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How acne passes and why it occurs, related tips
Acne and redness - it's not just teenagers who suffer from imperfections and dream of flawless skin. If the dirt is stubborn and inflamed - it is called acne.
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