What happens to the body if you eat 3 dates a day?

What happens to the body if you eat 3 dates a day?

You won’t believe the changes in your body when you eat 3 dates every day!

Dates have been the most important food source in the Middle East for centuries. Of course, the benefits of dates do not end with counting since ancient times. Even in Ramadan, dates are an indispensable iftar fruit.

What happens to the body if you eat 3 dates a day?
What happens to the body if you eat 3 dates a day?

Eat some dates every day!

Dates are often mistakenly considered sweet. There are many good reasons to eat them regularly! So the next time you feel like a surfing snack, grab some dates! Here are a few of the great health benefits.

If you’re reading this, you’ll definitely be eating a date or two a day.

blood vessels

Dates prevent calcium deposits in blood vessels. Too much calcium can lead to clogged arteries, which increases the risk of stroke, heart attack and other diseases. Three appointments a day already makes a huge difference!


Studies have shown that dates can help strengthen your liver.


Dates are good for your heart. Since fruits contain a lot of potassium, they are especially effective when it comes to the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. This reduces the risk of stroke and heart attack, as well as LDL cholesterol.


Just like hazelnuts or almonds, dates are an ideal snack. It provides an even longer lasting energy boost when combined with nuts due to the sugar and fats it contains.

At the same time, brain activity is stimulated by vitamins, so dates are often considered sports nutrition. So you can see that a combination of both is very good.


Dates stimulate digestion. Thanks to their “purifying” effects, they help with constipation, indigestion and other problems. All these effects are a result of the fibers and amino acids it contains, which optimizes digestion and helps the body process food.

Magnesium in dates helps relieve pain and swelling. They also have an antibacterial effect and reduce infections in the body. Dates are definitely a great addition to medicine.

Dates are simply wonderful and are a great snack in many ways. So what are you waiting for? Reach the dates – or better yet, three!


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