Washing machine: How to Clean the machine, Do it yourself

washing machine

This is how the washing machine is cleaned and clean again

Although the laundry is clean again in our washing machine, the cleaning of the washing machine is also important. Here’s why and what home remedies you can clean them with. So how do you do it yourself at home, how to clean the washing machine?

washing machine
washing machine

How and why to clean the washing machine?

  • Low washing temperatures: Even if the laundry is washed in the washing machine, microbes remain in the drum of the washing machine and also in the detergent compartment. The reason for this: Bacteria do not die completely, especially if the laundry is boiled and washed at 20-40 degrees.
  • Water residue: In addition, water remains in the washing machine, dishwasher, rubber seal and hoses after each wash, which can cause germs and mold growth.
  • Dirt: animal hair, lint or detergent residue – all of which sticks not only to the lint filter but also to the drum and hoses. This does not only lead to the formation of mold, the washing machine and the clothes washed in it also start to smell.

So in this case, how to clean the washing machine, how to do it yourself at home, let’s see below.

When should we clean the washing machine?

In general, if the washing machine smells bad when it is on, it should be cleaned from the inside. Even if your laundry smells weird after washing, it’s time to deep clean the inside of the washing machine. As a rough rule of thumb, the inside of the machine should be cleaned every six months. Rubber seal, detergent drawer, etc. Cleaning should be done regularly at home yourself.

Cleaning the washing machine: that’s part of it

  • Wipe the washing machine regularly from the outside with a damp cloth. Because not only dust but also detergent residues usually stick to the machine.
  • The rubber gasket should also be wiped regularly with a damp cloth and cleaned of dirt with a mixture of citric acid and water to prevent mold growth. For the citric acid-water mixture, mix 30 g of citric acid with 1 liter of water.
  • Clean the lint filter regularly. Prepare a shallow container for this, as soon as you open the lid on the lid, the water will flow out. Then clean the fluff filter with a brush under running water. The inlet channel can be wiped with a cloth.
  • Each rinse chamber in the detergent drawer should be cleaned regularly and dried thoroughly.
  • Preventive measures: Always leave the washing machine door and detergent drawer ajar so that residual water can escape.
    Wash regularly at high temperatures (at least 60 degrees, preferably 90 degrees) to kill bacteria and the like. If necessary, the following home remedies can be used for thorough cleaning.

Thus, the materials required for those who say how to clean the washing machine:

  1. Citric acid: It is a natural washing machine cleaner and helps prevent limescale (by the way, it also descales the kettle). The powder is available at any pharmacy. Put five to eight tablespoons in the drum and choose a 95 degree laundry-free program. The so-called hot washing is necessary to destroy all bacteria. Meanwhile, lemon provides a fresh scent for subsequent wash cycles. If you have a machine with a pause function, pause the wash cycle for the acid to work better. It’s best to wear household gloves when working with citric acid to protect your skin.
  2. Soda: Sodium carbonate has a convincing effect as a cleaning agent for both laundry and washing machine. Add one or two tablespoons of soda to the detergent for the next wash. If necessary, an empty wash cycle can be performed with 50 g of soda to achieve a particularly thorough cleaning.
  3. Dishwasher tablets: Dishwasher tablets also clean the inside of the washing machine. Here too, run an empty wash cycle with a 95 degree tab. That way, bacteria and lime don’t stand a chance. By the way: Dishwasher tablets also help when cleaning the ceramic hob.
  4. Baking soda: Put 50 grams of baking soda in the detergent dispenser and let it flow at 60 degrees. No laundry should be washed with this washing program. Cleaning can be repeated every two months. Want more household tips with baking soda? It is also ideal for oven cleaning. If you don’t have baking soda on hand, mix two bags of baking soda with a little water to make a paste.
  5. Vinegar: Vinegar is good for cleaning the detergent drawer. Vinegar reliably removes scale and dirt, but its aggressive action can also damage hoses, gaskets or metal parts. For this reason, vinegar should not be used in areas other than cleaning the detergent drawer.


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Washing machine: How to Clean the machine, Do it yourself
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