Put soap under your bed before going to sleep!

Put soap under your bed before going to sleep!

Do you wonder what happens if you put soap under your bed before you go to sleep?

If you put soap under your bed before going to bed, it is very beneficial for your health. You absolutely have to try it to find out what’s going on. Here are the Benefits

Put soap under your bed before going to sleep!
Put soap under your bed before going to sleep!

Do you put a bar of soap under the sheets before bed? So you should try it once

Soap under the sheets? We’ll give it a try!

A good night’s sleep doesn’t come naturally to everyone. There are countless people who have trouble falling asleep at night for various reasons. Some are anxious, some cannot find a good position or have restless legs syndrome. Whatever the reason for not being able to sleep, it can be very distressing and have a huge impact on daily life.

Sometimes we all tend to find no peace. In chronic cases this can be a symptom of Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS).

Restless Legs Syndrome

Restless Legs Syndrome, or RLS, is a sleep disorder characterized by an uncontrollable urge to move the lower legs. This urge is usually worse in the evening and at night, and symptoms are most evident when you want to rest. The discomfort decreases as you move, but symptoms appear as soon as you stop. This makes it nearly impossible to fall asleep.


Symptoms of Restless Legs Syndrome; irritability in the legs, an irresistible desire to move and not being able to rest. Moving the legs reduces symptoms and is worse at night than during the day. Do you recognize these symptoms? Then you may have something to do with RLS. This is probably why you are often tired and have trouble concentrating. People with RLS feel restricted because they can no longer go to the movies or travel long distances by train or plane.


The cause of RLS is unknown. It is believed to result from a disorder in the nerve cells that control movement and reflexes in the brain. Also, the disease appears to be hereditary. However, sometimes the syndrome is also due to low iron levels or a side effect of other chronic diseases such as kidney failure or diabetes.

lavender soap

In an episode of the TV show, Dr. Well-known TV doctor Oz talked about a strange treatment for restless legs syndrome that seems to really work: Lavender soap under the sheets. Lavender seems to have a calming effect, so it’s best to put a bar of lavender soap under the sheets every night. Spasms and spasms should visibly decrease and make your legs feel much calmer! That would be worth a try, right?


The lavender soap method is not scientifically proven, but many people on the internet claim it actually works. Other users wondered if it was just a placebo effect. One woman later reported that she had put the soap under the sheets without her husband knowing, and she immediately slept better. So it’s not just a matter of mind. Just make sure it’s lavender soap; A regular bar of soap probably won’t work.


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