How do flowers stay fresh longer? top 9 tips

A bouquet of fresh flowers is a must for many, especially in the spring. Unfortunately, the blooming splendor usually doesn’t last long. With these 9 tips, we’ve put together the best tips and home remedies to keep flowers fresh longer.

The flowers are beautiful. But fresh cut flowers usually don’t last long and quickly shake their heads. However, especially in the spring, many people want to decorate their homes with colorful flowers. Tulips are very popular there. Beautiful flowers are available in the most beautiful colors and bring spring to your very own four walls.

How do flowers stay fresh longer top 9 tips
How do flowers stay fresh longer top 9 tips

But how do Flowers stay fresh longer in a vase? We’ve put together and tested the best tips and home remedies for you, and explained what you should pay attention to in general when caring for tulips.

Care tips for flowers: You should pay attention to this

You should follow a few care recommendations so that it does not sag after a few days in the vase. This includes cutting the flowers correctly and changing the water daily. But home remedies should also help keep your flowers fresh longer.

1 – Choosing the Right Flower

If you’re lucky enough to pick from your home garden, you should choose those with buds still tightly closed. However, the color should already be pronounced. It is best to cut it in the morning or in the morning so that the heat does not damage the flower. Cut off the stems with a sharp knife.

Even if you buy it from the supermarket or florist, you should make sure that the buds are still closed if possible. You should also buy the spring flowers at the end of the shopping process so that they are dehydrated as soon as possible.

2 – Cut the flowers properly

Cut the flowers with a sharp and clean knife to make them last longer. Please do not use scissors as they will only pinch the stems and the cables inside. Remove only the stem ends, i.e. about 0.5 to 2 cm, and cut straight. Contrary to many views, only the hard stems of flowers such as roses should be cut at an angle. Soft stems stay straight.

3 – Remove the petals of the flowers

To extend the shelf life of fresh, you should remove the leaves. Especially the leaves that come into the water when you put the bouquet in the vase. This will prevent them from starting to rot. Also, its leaves cost energy, so it is better to leave a few leaves on the flower.

4 – Longer shelf life with the right Vase

You read that right. You should choose a suitable flower vase so that it can last longer. A slender, tall vase is best so the long-stemmed spring flowers don’t bend over the rim of the vase. The reason is simple: tulips continue to grow at home in a vase. At some point, the thin stems cannot hold the heavy flowers and they lose their footing when they are in too shallow vases.

5 – Beautiful Clean vases and fresh water

Before putting your bouquet in the vase, you should thoroughly clean it (if you haven’t already). After all, residue and decay are bait for bacteria. Hanging flower heads would have been inevitable. Therefore, always properly clean the flower vase beforehand.

Now put the cold and clean water from the tap into the vase. Since tulips need a lot of water, you should add a little water every day. However, make sure that no leaves get into the water.

Change the water regularly. Not just when it turns brown, but preferably before that (usually every other day). It not only refills the water, but also completely replaces it to prevent possible bacteria from multiplying.

6 – The right place for fresh tulips

It will last the longest if you put it in a shady place. They do not like drafts or direct sunlight. For this reason, you should not place it near radiators or fireplaces.

Berries can also accelerate the wilting of spring flowers. Especially apples and pears, which emit the ripening gas ethylene, cause tulips to wilt more quickly.

7 – Keeping Fresh with Copper Coins

Put a few copper coins in the vase and the tulips should last longer. It sounds particularly easy. But success takes a long time. The flower heads had faded after a few days, as when copper coins were not added.

But why does the legend continue? Copper has an antibacterial effect and is intended to kill corrosive bacteria in water and stems. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to work that way in practice.

8 – Sugar and lemon juice for fresh flowers

Adding sugar or even lemon juice is equally popular. However, this is a misconception, because sugar is definitely not a freshness ingredient. On the contrary: bacteria love sugar and multiply faster and more when it is added. Tulips usually dry faster this way. The same goes for lemon juice. This should lower the pH and thus stop the growth of bacteria. However, in self-testing, this home remedy also failed to keep tulips fresh longer.

9 – Needle number for perennial flowers

A needle should help stop the flowers from growing any further after they are cut. To do this, place it on the stem under the flower head. The reason: As the flowers grow, the tulips fill the cells they already have with water. But due to the “obstacle” tulips should absorb less water and not grow and fade so quickly. You can try this trick yourself. However, some experts advise against it because the sting allows bacteria to enter the plant, causing the plant to wilt faster.


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How do flowers stay fresh longer? top 9 tips
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