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The pizza recipe is round and delicious – the Italian specialty has become an indispensable part of our kitchens. Here you will find the best recipes, from famous classics like Pizza Margherita to Calzones. Tips and tricks for the basic pizza recipe, quick variants or sweet versions. Make your own pizza dough and find out what toppings you can put on it here.

Pizza with mascarpone and salsiccia

Homemade pizza dough, tomatoes, mascarpone and sausage – the perfect pizza is ready!

best pizza recipe
best pizza recipe

Necessary materials:

For the yeast dough:

500 g flour
300 ml of water (approx.)
1 cube of yeast (fresh)
2 teaspoons of salt

For the above:

3 tomatoes (peeled, 400 g each)
400 g mozzarella cheese
1 bunch basil
olive oil
Thyme (dried, rubbed)
4 cloves of garlic
150 g tomato paste
150 g mascarpone

Preparation of:

For mascarpone and salsicce pizza, first prepare the pizza dough. For pizza dough, pour the flour into a deep bowl.

Make a small hole in the middle with your hand and crumble the yeast. Sprinkle sugar and some flour on it.

Then add some warm water and finally cover the surface of the water with flour. If this flour cover swells upwards and the flour shows open cracks, which usually happens after 15 minutes at the latest, it has started to leaven.

Knead it all together with the remaining water and add the salt after about a minute.

Continue kneading with the machine until the dough forms a firm mass (after about 5 minutes).

If it is too dry, add some water and knead. If it’s too sticky, add some flour. Keep kneading by hand until the dough is a really compact, smooth and elastic ball.

Then let it rise again for about 45 minutes in a bowl covered with a kitchen towel. Knead well again and roll over.

While the dough is rising, peel the salsicce and cut it into wafer-thin cuts. Stir in the chopped basil leaves and mascarpone.

Take the peeled tomatoes in a bowl and mash them. Season with salt, pepper, chopped garlic and thyme. Drain the peeled tomatoes, mash and season with dried thyme, salt and pepper.

Spread the pizza dough with the tomato sauce. Cut the mozzarella into very small pieces and sprinkle on top. Finally, spread the mascarpone salsicce mixture on top and drizzle some olive oil.

Bake the pizza with mascarpone and salsicce at 220 degrees for about 12-15 minutes.



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